Monday, September 14, 2009

first entry...

Wow, first off, I never thought I would make one of these again. I've thought of resurrecting my old blog at livejournal, but alas, my password was ne'er be found... that and I forgot the email address I registered with lj... that must've been ages. Well, to summarize with my first entry what I am about. My emphasis in blogging is fairly scattered. I'll blog about anything that interests me, generally this falls along the line of my life in nerdom (from gaming to anime, comics and tech stuff) to fashion and style (what's haut in my eye and what I see).

I know huh? Two sides to one really confused coin, like a Japanese 5Yen on one side and a Canadian LOONIE on the other, I'll let you figure out which you think is the loonier of the two.

Well, I look forward to blogging again and we'll see where this takes us... for now, goodnight netizens, sleep tight and dream of robot sheep.

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