Thursday, September 24, 2009

what da t*ch! review: Mophie Juice Pack Air for your iPhone

So this will be my review of the Mophie Juice Pack Air. As many an iPhone user can attest to, when it comes to battery life... the iPhone just falls short, and especially when you are constantly using your phone for whatever reason as it may be, it can be a bummer when the battery performs at just subpar levels. That is until you slide your iPhone into this handy device on this edition of "wdt" what da t*ch.

DESIGN: Essentially, the Juice Pack Air is a rechargeable battery case for your iphone. You slide your phone into the case and at the bottom there is the apple proprietary plug much like on your usb cable. The case is sleek and the rounded edges are comfortable to hold, I wish there was some kind of grip because I feel it slipping alot, and I've even dropped it a few times. As a case it does protect the phone, but I wouldn't go testing out the durability since there is a battery pack in the case. One complaint I have is that the cases uses a micro USB cable to charge and sync, meaning you never have to remove this case. But with a multitude of devices that rely on apple's proprietary cables to connect iDEVICES to their device, the Juice Pack is simple a hindrance, forcing you to take it off. Another complaint is the heft. The iPhone is sleek, slim, and sexy... everything that the competition isn't... the Juice Pack Air just makes it feel like a blackberry rather than an iphone. It may not seem like it but it really is a big difference when you hold it with and without the case. I've found myself reserving the Juice Pack Air more so for emergency purposes than for everyday use. 7/10

FUNCTIONALITY: As a backup battery it really does deliver. Adding 4.5 hrs to 3G talk time and internet use is a big plus. Along with 20hrs of audio play back and 6 hrs of video playback. The case has a switch on the bottom that activates and deactivates the backup power, so it is your choice whether to keep it on till it drains or only use it in case of an emergency. You can charge and sync your phone without ever removing it from the Juice Pack Air, though I personally have never done it like that since i prefer docking my phone. Overall, it delivers on all levels when it comes to functionality. 10/10

USABILITY: Usability is in the eyes of the user with this one, personality... if it's jsut a day out to work or a day out I'll keep my Juice Pack with me as a back up but use one of my Incase Slider cases as my day to day case. I am a big convention goer and the use of the Juice Pack Air was a great help at PAX 2009 here in Seattle. I was using my phone to tweet, liveblog, upload pics, and generally everything I can use my phone for and under circumstances like that i would easily drain my battery in a few hours, I was able to extend my battery life to last me pretty much the whole day without ever having to plug in. Now with most everyone else who has car chargers and chargers at their desks at work, this product may not make such a big impact, but as a backup battery it does wonders. 8/10

OVERALL 8.33/10

I SAY: Buy it if battery life is that much of an issue but if you have a setup that afford you to charge while you are at work or in your car, then the Mophie might not get much use, but if you do go for it, the times you do use it will be lifesavers!

product information:
available in 3 colors (Black, White, and Purple)
MSRP $79.95

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