Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where Have All The iPhones Goo-uh-haaaaawwwwn

So if you try and pre-order an iPhone 4 today, it looks like you won't get one until July 14th! In a preorder frenzy that Apple could only say is unexpected, Apple had pushed back their shipping date twice (once earlier today to July 2nd, and now the 14th). What could this really mean for Apple? While many are playing the "Papa-Steve fix this" game, the absolute truth of that matter is that Apple had underestimated just how many people wanted this phone. Apple released an apology stating they underestimated the demand after having already sold 600,000 units in one day. If history repeats itself and the day one walk-in sales are anything like recent years, the 1 million day one sales mark really isn't that far fetched.

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