Monday, June 7, 2010

WWDC kicks off in less than an hour... My predictions...

With Apple's WWDC kicking off soon, Steve Jobs is set to give another Keynote speech, generally to promote new tech and toys. Here is some of what I hope to see/hear about.

Obviously (with the "help" of Gizmodo and a dev with a penchant for German brew) we already have a glimpse of what the next iPhone has to offer, but since there really hasn't been much in the way of I formation about the device, one can only speculate what the next Jesus Phone will be all about. I hope the device will look like the prototypes that were leaked. I like the flat body and sleek design of the prototypes more than the curved look of the current iPhone. When I first saw the pics it reminded me of some of the other devices in their line, primarily the iMac and Mac mini. I hope (but of course it isn't certain) that in conjunction with the announcement AT&T will announce that the 4G network is going to be available at launch at least for iPhone customers, that can elaborate on the uses of the front facing camera.

It's highly doubtful that there will be a major iPad announcement but it may probably just fluff info about selling "x-amount" of iPads.

I really hope there is a Safari 5 announcement. As much as I use Chrome and Firefox, I still love my Safari. I'm personally a huge proponnent of HTML 5 and hope more implementation of it go into a new safari browser.

Mac OSX "random jungle cat of the moment." hoping for a new OS. I love my snow leopard and it works wonders for me, but like the world of technology dictates, evolution evolution evution. The computing world changes at the blink of an eye, is it too early to hope for the "Apple iMinorityReport."

General refresh of the computer line, but what about fresh new products? As sexy as the iPhone and iPad are, it's not too much to ask "what's next" in the realm of computing.

Well, before I get to I to this it's time to leave it at that.

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