Thursday, August 19, 2010

Online Dating and Me

So, as some of my twam (Twitter fam) and real fam/friends may know, your boy the Prince is currently without a princess. Sure we can get into the sad details, the depression and sleepless nights. But I figure, who really fucking cares right? This post isn't about that. Here's a little background on the situation.

A few of my friends (who I will keep anonymous for this post) decided to curb my usual habit of becoming recluse after a break-up. Aside from a group of my closest friends never leaving me alone, this particular group of friends thought it would be a good idea to set up my profile on a few online dating sites, initially to just meet some new people who were not 6 degrees of separation from each other.

I won't get into the details of some of the sites I didn't quite like, for example the cougars (not my type) of eHarmony and the uglies of Match. Let me review the two sites where I met the most interesting people from. is the main site I used. With an equivalent iPhone app that increased my searching and message replying on the go, I met some really interesting people there. Not going to go into the details of the dates or the prospects of future dating, but I will say that I actually made some friends there, people whom I can see myself hanging out with again whether romantic or plutonic. OKCupid is interesting because the questions used to determine match compatibility (much like sites like eHarmony) are all user generated. The site acts more like a hybrid of a dating site and a social network, complete with games and blogs. There's a really crummy proprietary IM system built in but the stellar functionality of the site makes up for it. I remember reading one member call OKC the Facebook for Lovers, kinda of fits. is a pretty big site with alot of people from the Western WA area. I haven't really met anyone from that site yet and I've noticed some cross over between OKCupid and POF members, but I have been able to message and email some pretty interesting people and look forward to making some new connections. This site uses a personality survey to weed out a match, not as interesting as the user generates questions of OKC, but still functional and does the trick.

What sets these sites apart is that unlike other "make-a-free-profile" sites, these site don't force you to pay a premium price to send messages and reply. Sure this creates a site with more creeps and people who aren't that serious, but there are a few diamonds in rough.

I'd like to take a quote from a really cool girl I met on OKC in regards to dating. "I'm looking for my best friend." Truth is, putting friendship before a relationship has always been my game. I could never quite understand how people can just fall into relationships. A strong friendship can make for a good foundation for a strong relationship. Sure it's a bit of a gamble and going that route has the chance of getting stuck in the friend zone. But I figure the next time I fall in love and eventually get married, it'll be to the best friend I'll ever have.

Okay, enough mushy shit. Your boy the Prince will be back on the tech and media reviews next week.

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