Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tattoos, Dating, and Being Sexy and Bloody Knowing It, my 2011

Dear Two Thousand and Eleven...

It was a really good year, with 2010 going extremely sour by the middle of the year and still struggling incessantly with all that extra weight I had on my body... I can honestly say that 2011 was one of the best years I have lived yet.

It was a year of self discovery and finding out who I am in many aspects of my life. In mid 2010, my life went for a tilt-a-whirl when the woman I was seeing left me. Aside from that, I was still struggling with being overweight and weighing 65 lbs heavier than I did in my prime (High School). Near the end of last year, I made some changes that really sculpted me to become who I am now.

The tattoos... the weight loss... the dating... it was a year of new and exciting things. One of the major changes that I made was finally getting inked, while I officially started getting tattooed November of last year, it fully came to fruition when this year started, primarily with two of my my most major pieces being done (including a half sleeve on my upper right arm which is the culmination of three sessions and about 15 hours of tattooing. Whether you have ink or not, whenever you get a meaningful piece that resonates with your personality, it feels as if it was always there and your artist brings that out in you. Looking back to older photos, I can't even recognize the days I was not tatted, it has become part of me in a very serious way... I'm kidna glad it wasn't a fleeting whim, tattoo removal is bloody pricey.

When I lost the weight, it was like I was becoming a man I haven't seen for many years, a guy I have long forgotten to exist. It's weird when you gain weight and you get fat for so long, you forget what it was like to be skinny. I can honestly say that never again will I get fat, and I will continue this journey for the sake of my health and for the sake of fashion... fat guys rarely look good in the clothes I rock, ya dig?

As far as dating... that's still kind of an open ended story. While I've had my fun and in casually dating I've had the pleasure to meet some pretty awesome ladies, I still am yet to settle down. I figure that settling down will come when I feel that "spark" that makes my heart beat faster and slower at the same time. What this past year has done for me was make me more aware of what I really look for in a mate. I can honestly say that I settled when I dated the last one, I settled for a pretty face with a personality that I let many distressing traits slide on. Never again.

With that said, look to some fun stuff coming in 2012... I might as well get some of my projects off the ground before the Mayans and John Cusack make the world end... or something to that effect.

Cheers and Happy New Year.
Justin Prince

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