Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sakura Con 2010 is coming...

So I'm pretty psyched. Sakura Con here in good ol Seattle, WA is on it's way. April 2nd to 4th... And already working on my costumes... This year I will be cosplaying as Dr Stein from Soul Eater, Minato Namikaze (the 4th Hokage/Naruto's father *spoilerhammer*) from Naruto, and Travis Touchdown from no more heroes series... So, how is my progress so far?

Minato is the one more done so far, bought my wig, headband, have the vest and the clothes. I just need to make a few accessories and get those strange open toe shoe things and I'm done.

Stein is done in theory, I know what I have to do and so far only bought the wig. Everything else should be easy.

Travis Touchdown with need the most work. I have nothing so far, but I know where to get the jacket, tshirt, and i own the jeans. Accessories need to be made but the majority of my work will go into making the beam katana. This will be the one I will spend the most money on because the jacket/shirt etc etc I can wear in everyday life unlike most costumes I can only wear for a con. The hair is my own hair since I can "Travis" myself with a good application of spiked hair glue.

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