Monday, February 1, 2010

First Blog Using BlogPress

So here is my first blog entry using BlogPress. Figured I needed to blog more and finding time to sit down and write can be hardpressed at time. So, what have I been doing?

Mass Effect has owned my life for the past 3 months. In November (when I finally bought a 360). I played Mass Effect. Originally I bought this game as a gift for my brother 2 years earlier, always wanted to play it but my time with PS3 and many other games kept me from legitamately getting a 360. I am a bit of a Playstation fanboy.

So I beat Mass Effect multiple times to prep my game saves for the sequel. I also read some of the literature, having read Revelation and Ascension to kinda round out my Mass Effect experience. Overall, I have to say that both games were the gaming equivalent of a page turner, it was hard to step away from my Xbox and do anything else other than continue Commander Sherperd's journey. I'm going to write a review for Mass Effect 2 this week, I just wanted to slow down my hype train so I can give it an objective view.

Aside from Mass Effect everything, I picked up No More Heroes 2. I am still yet to dig in deep with the game but from first glance, GHM and Suda51 made some excellent improvements to the core game. An overworld map/menu system as opposed to the "sadly veiled social commentary on sandbox games" that was the first game's Santa Destroy is a welcome change, also the ability to carry multiple Lightsa- I mean "Beam Katanas" is a welcome addition to making the fights a bit more calculated than the button mash frenzy of the first. But the change I love the most is how you no longer need to earn money for assassination missions but the job mini games are all based on old 8bit NES type games, so totally awesome and I found myself spending more time pursuing a high score in those games rather than the assassination mission itself. I'll be posting a review soon after I beat it.

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