Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Dreams May Come: My Time in the Yakuza

Okay. I've decided to start this new section on my blog where I'll talk about my dream from the night before. I know I've been way behind on talking about games, tech, and overall geekery... But hopefully I can train myself to be more dilligent o my writing.

Okay, so last night I dreamt I got in over my head as part of a Yakuza syndicate in Tokyo. In my dream I moved to Japan to pursue a career as an artist, one night outside of a night club I saw a man being held up at gunpoint, instinctively I reacted. I snuck up behind the man holding the gun, palm strike to the elbow of the arm that held the gun hyperextending the joint. He drops the gun and screams in pain as I throw two jabs to his face and a knee to the solarplex to knock him down. The man I saved was named Ryu Kazunori and was the boss of the Kazunori syndicate in Tokyo. At this point I join as a personal guard and high ranking official in the syndicate. Until I decided to leave it and walk away from that life of crime, I come back to Seattle but can't escape his influence. The sydicate followed me. After taking out some of my former nakama and my aniki, I was face to face wit Ryu on the observation deck of the space needle. After a John Woo-esque shootout I kill Ryu and at that point I wake up...

Nuts huh?

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