Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Joke joke joke

I k ow it's been forever since I wrote a blog so I'll start it with a joke that makes me smile...

A plane crashes on a deserted island, there were only three survivors. Steve (a white man), Juan (a Mexican) and Chin (a Chinese guy). They decide to prep their camp site for living so Steve issues a few jobs for the whole group. Steve tells Juan to set up a tent/camp site from what they salvaged from the crash site, Steve take it upon himself to find firewood, and he asks Chin to take care of the supplies. 1 hr later, the camp is set up and Steve comes back with an armful of fire wood... But no Chin in sight. Another hour passes and the two decide to go looking through the forest, suddenly Chin jumps out from behind a tree and yells "SUPPLIES!!!"

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