Monday, July 19, 2010

Shu Uemura Kengo Feather

You must be wondering about this blog post. Generally my entries are usually about things like anime, gaming, comics, tech, and all around geeky haberdashery. Am I encroaching on the ground of the beauty bloggers whom are usually young attractive women with an eye for the visually appealing? Well, since I am not a attractive young woman, and if I was I'd probably make a horrible girl, I'm not stepping into the realm of people like my fellow twitter-patted buddies Nes ( or Nymphette415 (check out her YouTube channel), both of whom are awesome gurus you should know, and if you don't... FOR SHAME, SHUN THE NON BELIEVER. okay, back to the review.

A bit of a background first, before I got into using Kengo Feather I used a cocktail of 3 products (all from the Shu Uemura art of hair line): Liquid Fabric, Shape Paste, and Frame Wax (msrp $33 ea). First I'd spray the Liquid Fabric on damp hair, blow it out, apply some shape paste to style, then frame wax to define the pieces. This process was all well ad good with two downfalls, it took too long and the total price of all three products is $99 msrp! When my stylist first got me to try Kengo Feather it was eyeopening, i could finally use just one product! The product tames my coarse hair while at the same time maintaining soft body. It's a light cream with crazy hold (did not expect a cream so light to have such hold). The product works great on damp or dry hair, and using a few light sprays of Liquid Fabric before applying the Kengo Feather makes a great base for your style. Absolute must buy! Gets the Justin Prince seal of approval.

Product details
Shu Uemura Kengo Feather ($35 msrp)

Tenacious Hold Lightweight Cream.

Formulated with green tea, Kengo Feather provides the hair with strong, lasting hold while maintaining softness, shine and lightness.

Fragrance: Soft green petal floral

Directions for use: Rub a small amount in hands and apply on towel dried or dry hair.

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