Monday, July 12, 2010

YouTube mobile

So playing around with my iPhone lately has been a say to day activity. I heard YouTube had revamped their site but i never really paid it much attention, but in comparing the native YouTube app built into iOS and the mobile web app it's a stark contrast when you compare the video quality, especially on 3G.

For the many iPhone customers out there, we all know that YouTube looks great on wifi, but web you hope to the 3G cloud, videos resemble the mosaic genitals of Japanese porn. I remember when i first got the iPhone it was great playing with YouTube, but the native app on 3G looks so god awful it's barely watchable.

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This looks familiar eh? This video was screen capped from the native app built into every iPhone. Japanese porn much?

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This was snapped from using the mobile YouTube site via Safari. Much better right? You can see the lightbulbs on the "Follow Me" sign pretty clearly and it looks great!

This is thanks to a revamped more iPhone friendly version of the YouTube Mobile site. Thanks to a healthy dose of HTML5 (the future according to Steve) the mobile site runs faster and loads video faster than the native app, and also more options were added like the ability to vote videos up or down, plus the ability to watch videos in a HQ resolution (even on 3G).

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Look familiar? Even the home screen had gotten the minimalist UI treatment (much like the Facebook iPhone app). A few complaints though, since this is only a web application, when you run a video from other apps (like Facebook or Twitter) they immediately load in the native app, you need to independently search the videos on the website in order to take advantage of this mobile site's new features.

Overall, it's a welcome addition to the iPhone and I hope apple decides to update their native app, otherwise I don't see the need to ever use it.

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