Sunday, September 26, 2010

Here Comes the Fall

So what may this be? It's been a while since I've posted a blog entry. Here comes the Fall, personally this is my favorite season. Fall jackets and Pumpkin lattes galore.

I love this season, the colors a vibrant mix of oranges and red, the crisp Fall breeze that forces an application of chap stick. The precursor to the Holidays, here comes the Fall.

SO what am I looking forward to most?

The clothes the clothes the clothes. Jackets and layering are back. I noticed that Military style jackets are back in again, carried by most retailers in a selection of thick canvas/cotton to wool and tweed. Sweaters and scarves, there are some vibrant colors but alot of muted tones.

Jacket picks for the fall:
Both selections offered by Banana Republic, the jacket on the left is a snap front jacket with military style utility pockets on the front. The moto-style collar is a smart accent that allows the jacket to look just as good dressed up as well as dressed down. Looks good with a hoodie or a button up underneath. The other is a modern/short version of the classic trench, this isn't your Daddy Sherlock's trench coat now. This one I actually own myself, got it on a great deal during a Fashion Night sale in Bellevue. The shorter cut to the jacket and classic clean lines make this an absolute plus. Looks good casual or dressed up. Both of these jackets are absolute must haves, Banana Republic prices are decent and won't break the bank if you need a new fall coat.

Fall gaming comes with a few key games for the season. But one stands out as the most looked forward to game.


Fallout: New Vegas... it isn't a direct sequel to the critically acclaimed Fallout 3 and isn't even made directly by Bethesda Softworks. Obsidian is taking the Fallout 3 engine and pretty much running with it. If KOTOR2 is any indication what Obsidian can do with an existing IP, this game could be amazing. I cannot wait.

With the Fall comes the stripping of the old and nearing of a new year, and if any season ends the year better... the Fall makes the Winter that much more bearable.

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