Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fairy Tales can come true... it can happen to you... if you're chic at heart.

Wow, so there hasn't been a blog post in a LONG time! I guess with the fact that I was on a pretty crazy diet, I haven't been writing much. But that's a blog post for another day. After the diet I realized none of my shit fits anymore. My shirts are all baggy, my pants feel awkward even with a belt, guess it's time to shop... so what is this post? it's a HAUL entry...

Express shirts galore... Some of my favorite and very inexpensive dress shirts come from Express. Thanks to a sale + a coupon I picked up these shirts at a crazy deal. Throw in 40% off the top plus using a coupon. 3 MK2 shirts and a pink 1MX. Now Alfie (Jude Law Alfie) said it best "If you ooze masculinity, like some of us do, you have no reason to fear pink... fabulous!" I tried on the MK2 shirts (which I haven't gotten yet) and what I loved most about them was the fit and the styling. Stylized with military inspired accents and double breast pockets. The 1MX is the classic dress shirt, the fit is perfect and I can never complain when it comes to the 1MX.

Levi's denim, an american classic, always a good fit. These Levi's 511s were found at Urban Outfitters for an excellent steal. Gotta love the sale rack... especially when you can find your size. Interesting story, when I was fat and wore 34/36 waist jeans, I could never find my size... it was either extra fat (38+) or skinny (28, 30, 32). With this, I had the most trouble finding my new size (32) and found many great jeans that were 34s and 36s. Damn my luck I guess.

Kid Robot graphic tees from Metro Park. I have always loved the Kid Robot figures from blind boxes and how deliciously artsy the designs were. These shirts fit my personality perfectly, aside from my obsession with being a Prince and royalty... there's a NINJA BUNNY! NINJA... BUNNY! What's not to love?

With that I got some stuff that isn't exactly fashions but are great nonetheless. High Fidelity by Nick Hornby is a book everyone should read... that and Boscia blotting linens are hands down the best oil control product I have tried. Gotta love it.

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