Wednesday, December 15, 2010

INCEPTION... the app... Night 1

Last night I noticed a new app in the app store called the Inception app. The function of this app is to use auditory sensory to induce dreams while you sleep. While very cautious to take this app too seriously I gave it a shot.

Night 1: I used the Dream Reverie setting. This particular setting augments the sounds around me into augmented versions of it, along with sounds/scores from the film. I had a pretty intense dream.

In my dream, I was being chased by this dark cloud. I was running along rooftops and jumping over gaps with super hero esque physicality. Weaving around pipes and going up and down fire escapes in a city that was neither familiar nor foreign, I didn't know where I was but somehow knew how to get to my destination. The intense parkour action felt awesome and I could literally feel the cloud inching closer, then the buildings started to collapse and I was jumping from pieces of loose rubble trying to gain some footing... At this point I found a stable place to stand, turned and looked the cloud, drew a sword from thin air (it was a katana made of pure light) and I woke up.

I have never had such an intense dream before, I can't wait till tonight to see what happens next.

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