Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's been a long long time... but I'm back...

It's been a very long time, but I'm back! As my exploits on the interwebs continued to grow and expand, from developing a sort of love for TUMBLR and being as Elite of a Yelp! Elite as I can be. It's about time I get back to my pet projects, primarily my scattered thoughts from your friendly neighborhood scattered prince.

A few things that I am working on at the moment:

- I am finally getting serious with creating a fashion/food centric youtube channel. I will be recording my exploits to find the perfect outfit to getting the best dinner. So in a way sort of an extension of my Yelping... just with a little more of my own spin on it.

- I'm still trying to be less fat... kinda the thing I need to do before it becomes 2012.

- Tattoo blog, in the last year I have become very intertwined into the tattoo sub-culture. So you will see more posts showing off my ink to showing of the ink of my friends.

I do plan to tone down on trying to review games, it's sort of a big thing now-a-days, so until I can come up with a more creative way to write a game review, that will be on hiatus. I still play games (alot) but you guys might just not hear of it.

Anyway, look to the blog, tell your friends to follow me. Let's do it.

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