Thursday, October 20, 2011

Goodbye Steve, and thanks for all the memories...

It's been a little over two weeks and I can honestly say that it has fully settled in. He's gone, and noone will ever fill his placed again. Granted, I'm not here to say how Tim Cook isn't Steve and how Apple is never going to be the same again. I am confident that Steve built a strong team at Apple to continue what he started.

This blog post isn't a memorial, nor is it another pseudo article about Steve Jobs. Rather, this is my goodbye. I've been an Apple user since I was a kid, I had the old B&W Macintosh and that was my first computer. Ever since then I have been an Apple fanboy. It wasn't until Steve was already ousted from Apple that I had shifted to the PC world... thus insert several years of PC/Windows headache... that is until Art School. When I enrolled in the Art Institute of Seattle I bought my first new Mac in years. A 17" Powerbook G4... oh it was wonderful. I
still have it and (while sluggish now) I just can't allow myself to get rid of it. Thus starts my return to Apple love and fanboyism. From various iDevices to my Mac computers, I've been an Apple kid through and through. It takes a very special product from a very special company to incite that level of devotion. It's one of the reasons his passing has hit me so hard, it's finally dawning on me that I'll never see him on stage at WWDC ever again. He'll never spearhead another Apple Keynote. It was a passing that we all saw coming, his failing health was well documented. But it doesn't make the event any less somber.

So with that said, I wanted to offer my own personal formal goodbye. Thanks for Apple Steve, thanks for building a company that makes grown men flock to Apple stores like kids at Toys R Us... thanks for all the memories. Rest in peace...

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