Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shinobu's back in No More Heroes 2... and this time she's PLAYABLE!

Fuck yeah this is pretty cool. If you remember... Shinobu was the school girl assassin you fought in the first NMH game, the one that Travis didn't kill. In the ending she comes to Travis' aid... but that was pretty much it for Shinobu.

Based on this trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2009, Shinobu looks to be playing a much larger role in this chapter of Travis Touchdown... so much larger that she's actually a playable character! Now I don't know if this is actually something integrated into the story or if this is one of those bonus mini game type things like with "playing" as the Joker in Arkham Asylum.

Personally, I'm psyched... Shinobu was one of my favorite characters from the first No More Heroes and to flesh out her story a bit better will be pretty cool. Now I have more reasons to look forward to this game!

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