Friday, October 2, 2009


So, with the Fall anime season starting to gain some steam... I decided to start it off with watching Kampfer. As usual, I read up a bit on it first. So it's a seinen style magical girl comedy about a boy who turns into a girl so he can become a Kampfer and fight in some battle of the babes.

The premise alone kinda reminded of of Ranma 1/2 so I figured I'd give it a shot, the opening sequence had the typical boobs butt boobs butt one would expect from an anime geared towards boys that wanna fap themselves on 2 dimensional ladies, but after the end of the first episode... I was kinda hooked.

Now I'm not some anime snob that brushes off the ecchi anime series, in fact some of my favorites have some serious ecchi fan service there-in (Ichigo 100%, Hatsukoi Limited, Rosario + Vampire, etc etc etc).

Overall, I'm looking forward to this... nice to know that Fairy Tail isn't the only Fall anime I'll look forward to each week!

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