Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days... PLUS P3P?!?

Aside from the confusing title of the game (358/2 days?!? wtf?) I spy with my little eye... another KH classic. As first glance, the graphics are amazing on such a small device! The Battles feel fluid and the animations truly look like a scalled down KH game... now by scaled down I mean by scope, everything else is truly Kingdom Hearts! I've so far played a hair over an hour and I must say I am already hooked! The mission based gameplay is a treat and the chance to flesh out the enigmatic Organization XIII is a treat! I can't say much yet but I know this game will be something special. Look out for my full review soon!

On another completely unrelated front, another JRPG is getting the Portable touch in the form of a remake. Persona 3 (originally for the PSP) is getting a remix... again. From the trailer, it looks like they are changing the overall look, I personally like how they are changing the way you navigate your daytime world, rather than running here there and all that tedious bullshit, a cursor system makes great sense. I am looking forward to playing the new female MC and seeing what sort of story mechanics they give her... as far as my hopes... I hope that a system like P4 (which was damn near perfect) will be placed in P3P, being able to control what my party does in battle is a great help! Personally I can't wait... in the meantime, I'll watch this trailer again.

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