Friday, December 18, 2009

Holy fishsticks Batman where the f*ck have I been?

So, I've ben out of the look for a lil while eh? I was planning to review Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days but to be hoenst... I never fnished it... I'll give a quick summary review... KH 358/2 days is a buy for any Kingdom Hearts fan, the mission style pacing makes for an easy pick up and play game and overall it's pretty fun, the control is kinda wonky, you have to sacrifice control of the camera or an ease of magic/tech uses... it's amazing how they translated the KH style battles into such a small package... but I personally wasn't a fan of the trade off...

if you aren't a KH fan then this game gets a 5/10... if you are though, the value rises 2 points... 7/10

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